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Croziers Turkey Breast Roast

Croziers Turkey Breast Roast

Christmas cometh at a rapid pace and so the pace increases in the shop at the moment.  All the hams are spoken for and nearly all collected and there is one solitary turkey roast available plus a packet of turkey breasts.  The Croziers Turkey roast is also, in fact, 2 breasts placed end for end and netted and is what I tend to cook on Christmas afternoon for Phil and I.  People have asked me how to do it so this is what I do:

Roll back the netting to halfway and cover with streaky bacon.  If you can be bothered, you can use the flat of a knife to flatten the bacon more and make it spread out.  Pull back the netting and repeat for the other end.  You can also stuff something under the skin if you preferred (though be careful loosening off the skin with fingers as you can make holes) or you can even put something like apples or a little stuffing or cranberry/redcurrant something inbetween the breasts.  Wrap in tinfoil or put into a covered roaster on a rack.  I like the tinfoil as it keeps most of the juices in until I make the gravy later on.  Cook slowly for 2hrs or so.  You can take the tinfoil off later and brown for the last 1/2 hour but it isn't really necessary.  Put the juice aside and make your gravy with it.  A cheat's way that I have used is to mix it with Maggi sage and onion gravy mix - it adds a stuffing flavour!  My normal gravy that I keep frozen is more heavy so I tend to use the sage and onion BUT this year I have the Knorr Chicken Gravy in stock so that would do nicely! 

I make my stuffing separately and wrap in tinfoil.  I use a gourmet stuffing premade mix but add orange juice and cranberries or apricots and bake.  Get nice neat slices of it that way.  You can make any stuffing flavour or mix what you like in - after all, it's your stuffing and you are cooking to your TASTE!

Unwrap from tinfoil, stand for 15mins keeping warm.  Snip the netting and peel carefully off and serve.  We have the turkey with asparagus or, if I can get it, watercress plus crispy roasted potatoes.  ( I use Marco Pierre White's method of roasting spuds: warm shallow tray with butter/oil or duck/goose fat, add a tsp chicken stock to it.  Meanwhile, put your taties in cold water and bring to a boil.  Don't boil them - drain off the water, let them steam dry a minute or two then put onto the tray, rolling them in the fat mix.  That is the last time you should turn them as you then baste them occasionally after that.  Oven is at 200degs C - I baste every 15mins - and I bought a plastic turkey baster for the job.  Suck up the butter/oil/fat into the baster and release over the taties.  They come out ' knock knock' crispy. 

Dessert for us is berries berries berries plus something - icecream? brownie? 

No stress day - easy cooking.  I'm all for that but no compromise on TASTE.

HINT: a good way to start the day and not overeat is croissants filled with tomato, bacon and vintage cheddar.  That's what we have along with a V8 vege juice followed by a great coffee.  If you add in some sun and some peace, and having to go nowhere or do anything, then Christmas Day is then complete for us.